Daily Feeling


Tree photography, December from the south point of view

This website is closed.

This project was a mixture of lyrics, music, images and programming with artistic aims.

I reject a great part of the lyrics that's why I finaly ended this project after a long period of innactivity.

But, I want to keep a little trace of it, so, I leave this page that contains a biography, a song, some (twelve) photographies, indeed, it's a cycle (and to render it, you should go from a photography to another and from the last one to the first one, I might do that one day, there was this kind of animation in the website before it's closure, but, for technical reason, I don't want to do that the same way, so, all is to be redone from scratch…).

The concept of cycles was important in that project, there, it's about the season changes, there is a photography for each month, from the same point of view (there was one hundred and fourty four photographies: twelve point of view taken each twelve months), by the way, the song kept is the eleventh and the photographies kept are from the eleventh point of view (that is south), but, there is no link: the eleventh song correspond to the eleventh month, so, the eleventh photography of each points of view, so, in that point of view, only the eleventh photography correspond to the song.

Moreover, this song is not representative of the music of that project, there are other songs that would have be a lot more representative (even though, as there where two recording that are way different from each other, at least two songs would be needed to be representative).

The Song that Remains

Tree photography, November from the south point of view

The Second of November,
the Day of the Dead

Taken from the album “Each year the same seasons… …each year the same twelve months”.


Today, the sweet coldness embrace our pale skin,
Icy and damp feels the great wind that is blowin',
The trees show their branches, while their brown leaves still fall,
Days grow weaker, darkness reigns behind our walls;
We remember those we buried through our lives,
Feeling melancholic grief, trying to survive
To those we've lost within our doom of sadness,
Thinking “Why did they leave us”, feeling so helpless;
Trying to give a sense to death, to existence;
Today, we're feeling respect, we will keep silence.

Unable to bear death, the end of our doom,
To our dead, we are giving flowers in bloom.


Tree photography, January from the south point of view Tree photography, February from the south point of view Tree photography, March from the south point of view Tree photography, April from the south point of view Tree photography, May from the south point of view Tree photography, June from the south point of view Tree photography, July from the south point of view Tree photography, August from the south point of view

Four of the twelve remaining photographies has been used as illustrations on the other sections of this website to revive the “newspaper” appearance of the original website (and they are used in the opposite order from the aboves).

Tree photography, October from the south point of view

A Bit Shortened Biography

At the end of December nineteen ninety six, I wrote the lyrics of a song for the band now called So Far a Way but I didn't kept those lyrics for them, moreover, I proposed them the name: “Winter Solstice” but they chose another name. During the year nineteen ninety seven, I wrote the music from that song in a “Neo-classical” style.

At the end of September nineteen ninety seven, I think about creating this project with Karine B., a female signer who was a member of the french band “Tears of Gaïa”. The fifth of October, I write to Karine to propose her to create this project with her and proposed the name “Winter Solstice” for it.

Winter Solstice's logotype from 2021

On spring nineteen ninety eight, she agreed and told me that, by the way, she choose the name “Winter Solstice” for her band who finally use to choose the name “Tears of Gaïa” when they began this band.

In November nineteen ninety eight I wrote the lyrics of “The second of November, the day of the dead” and a bit later, I composed the music.

The concept of the first album where quite clear when I wrote this song. Thus, in nineteen ninety nine, I continued to write lyrics.

In december, I wanted this project to be more then musical, so I came up with the idea of taking twelve photographies from a tree every months, thus have I done during the year two thousand. During that, I continued writing and wrote music; I also wrote some alternative lyrics and music from time to time.

In November two thousand one, I recorded the music of those twelve songs.

At the end of December, having no news from Karine for about three years, I decided to continue this project alone. As the name Winter Solstice was tied to Karine, I replaced it by: “Daily Feeling” on the twelfth of February two thousand two.

On the twenty and the twenty-first of December, I created Daily Feeling's web-site.

In February two thousand three, my cousin Renaud came with the logotype he made for Daily Feeling that I asked him before and, after discussing with me, he changed a detail on it.

From December two thousand three to November two thousand four, I recorded each month the vocals of a song.

During that, the twenty-second of January, I think about a concept for an Extended Plays. From the twenty-seventh to the first of February, I wrote the lyrics of its songs. From the second to the eighth of February, I composed the music of it, from the ninth to the nineteenth, I recorded it and from the sixteenth to the twenty-second, I mixed it, this last day, I mastered it. Thus I created a mini-album in only one month except details on the jacket that has been modified the day after, that is the release date of “Excessive weakly cycle”.

The sixth of January two thousand six, “Each year the same seasons … each year the same twelve months” is released. Beside that, each month, a single is made of few versions of each of the song of that album.

The first of March two thousand six, I record an alternative song for what would be an Extended Plays that later got the following title: “Year's cycle's fall E.P.”.

The eighth of March two thousand six, I work on a conceptual story for an album whose working title is: “Merging love's plural vision in a three bloody moons' quarter period”. The aim is to record it before the end of 2006 and to make it the last recording of Daily Feeling. This will never happen and later, I forgot about it.

Meanwhile, the first of April 2006 and the eleventh of August two thousand six, I recorded two alternative songs. Year's cycle's fall E.P. was then about to be released, but, contrarily to what was forecast, I didn't do the jacket and the mastering on the following days, later, I also forgot about it.

The following month, I'm unable to finish the single of that month. I plan to make it the following month and to release it with the following one, but, a serious event that marked me a lot occurs in the beginning of that month. This event marked the end of Daily Feeling, event though I still up-dated the website.

The first of November two thousand thirteen, I announce that Daily Feeling is definitely over.

From the tenth to the eleventh of february 2015, I made this webpage based on Daily Feeling's website to close it. By the way, I changed the right of it to leave it in the public domain with a Creative Common Licence (I already had one of these before but not this one who's aim is to make all the content of this website, except the logotype, belonging to the public domain and if it's not legally possible in some countries, to then give similar right then the public domain rights).

In two thousand twenty-one, enjoying the Winter Solstice's logotype (that is at the beginning of this biography) but disagreeing to use it again because it was done with a non-free software, I createted a new one based on the last one that were done, but redesigning it in a more enjoyable manner based on my present point of view, this is anachronic but it's thus or nothing.

Tree photography, September from the south point of view


On the previous license printed on some jackets, there is an address in Seraing. This address is no more related to me (the house, that belonged to a late-relative, has been sold), so, if you have this address, please do not write there.


Creative Commons zero: public domain exept for the Daily Feeling logotype.

To the extent possible under law, Gloom has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work (all the contents of the Daily Feeling webpage, including texts, music, photographies and structure of the document such as code and excluding the logotype (on all it's format available) that is not made by himself but by his cousin Renaud that gave his agreement to Gloom to use it as he want but he doesn't want to impose his cousin to put it in the public domain).

This work is published from Belgium.